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An important factor in the good organization of the tour to Kolsai is a good team, and we can safely say "Our team is not good, Our team is the best". The process of working with each group is a special and individual work for us, in which every element is important, and each participant makes a huge contribution. Tourism instructors Our guides are guides of the highest category, Raphael and Yulia Viktorovna!

We will be happy to accompany you when vthese wonderful places-Kolsai Lakes and Kaindy Lake and are ready to share with you all the most interesting and useful information possible! We will start our program with the city and perhaps some interesting facts, even if you are a native of Almaty, will be new to you, the continuation of the story will be on arrival at the lakes and we will finish on our return to the city.In general, our efforts will be dedicated only for you! © Yulia Viktorovna

I am glad to welcome you to the site! From myself, I will say that the Kolsai lakes are the most beautiful attraction of the Almaty region, the sensations are simply unforgettable and despite the fact that I have already walked the paths of the Kolsai lakes so many times, for me every trip is like a new one, with new sensations and knowledge. I'm probably one of those people who was on Kolsai in spring, summer, autumn, and winter...each time is beautiful in its own way. In general, I invite you to the Kolsai Lakes and I will be happy to accompany you and share the most interesting information:)! © Raphael


For us, the road is always expensive, but the road to Kolsai is something special. When climbing, it's a pity for the car, but still Kolsai is worth it. We are just like you on arrival as you relax and enjoy this place. A tip from our team for those who will go by their own car - have spare parts with you and feel sorry for the walker. And for those who ride on our buses-just have fun. And to everyone in general-love and happiness to you and your family and friends

Sales specialists

Polina Serdyukova I am always happy to answer your questions and give advice on the Kolsai Lakes. This is a wonderful place of indescribable beauty. Please contact our office or our partners with questions about the purchase. All the best to you and your loved ones.

Anna Serdyukova What could be better than a vacation in nature? Only rest on the Kolsai lakes. Beautiful nature, hospitable owners of houses and a good rest. Invite your guests, family and friends to spend time in these wonderful places, and we will organize your leisure time, which will leave you a lot of pleasant impressions.


Specialist in settlement

I will be glad to see you in our village of Saty. Clean and healthy air, homemade and delicious food will give you the best impressions. The residents of our village will always be happy to meet you in a friendly and family-like way. At your request, we can organize hunting, fishing, horseback riding or just a good rest And of course, the residents of the village of Saty, who are hospitable and always ready to provide cozy accommodation and delicious homemade food. And now, having provided you with information about our team, we will be glad to see you among our tourists.


The closest trips to Kolsay lakes

29/06/2018 - 01/07/2018

Current price:19000 tg

-Accommodation in Saty village guest houses
-Half board
-Environmental charge
-Guided sightseeingto Charyn Canyon, Kolsay and Kaiyndy lakes

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Current prices:19000 tg

-Transportation during the trip
-Guided tour
-Accommodation (if included in programe)


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